X-Chair X3 Review: Ergonomics, Pricing & More

Imagine an office with a live-in masseuse, ready to ease your aching muscles at a moment’s notice. If you sit for work and deal with the pain of a sedentary lifestyle, that probably sounds like a far-away dream. But it’s no fantasy — it’s X-Chair.

X-Chair is a fresh face in the industry, but they’re already taking massive strides to provide the very best in comfort and support. While there’s an entire lineup of X-Chairs designed to do just that — many of which look exactly alike — the X3 stands out with its Dynamic Variable Lumbar™ Support and high-quality components. Combined with the company’s new Elemax cooling, heating, and massage add-on, the X3 makes work feel more like a luxury spa than a daily grind.

Sure, there are a few areas where the X3 falls short of perfect, especially considering its $1,000 price tag. But this review shows why X-Chair remains a worthy high-end contender in such a competitive field of options.

X-Chair X3 Overview

At A Glance
  • Price: : $949.99
  • Height:: 54 inches
  • Weight:: 51 pounds
  • Best for:: Low back support
  • Available Colors:: Black, Blue, Glacier, Gray
  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar™ Support automatically adjusts the pressure on your lower back
  • SciFloat Infinite Recline adapts to your center of gravity, changing angles on the fly
  • Optional Elemax add-on provides heating, cooling, and massage functionality

Check out the X3 from X-Chair on the manufacturer’s site to see more features.

X-Chair X3 Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional lumbar support in every position, courtesy of the ever-shifting Dynamic Variable Lumbar™
  • Waterfall seat includes High Resiliency Molded Foam for proper ergonomics
  • Comes with plenty of adjustment mechanisms, including height, recline, and seat-slide
  • 4-directional armrests adjust to every office space and workflow
  • Durable Advanced Tensile Recovery mesh reduces pressure, suspending you on the seat with a lovely springiness


  • Adjustment mechanisms prone to squeaking and creaking
  • The only difference between X-Chair’s X2 and X3 is fabric choice
  • Expensive $1,000 starting price; Elemex kit adds an additional $130

What Does The X-Chair X3 Feel Like?

While we’ll get to the X3’s finer details in a moment, I first want to touch on the chair’s quintessential feature — its Dynamic Variable Lumbar™ Support or DVL.

The DVL was the first thing I investigated with the X-Chair X3, and not only because it’s the most iconic component. X-Chair’s tension-based DVL mechanism is simply impossible to ignore, exerting pressure as soon as you sit by pushing against your lower back with near-perfect force. Whether you move the chair’s height up or down, cross your legs or sit back and relax, it’s always there to support you, like a beacon on the horizon. 

I’ve tried many office chairs in my day and have rarely seen anything as supportive or cleverly designed as the DVL. And the excitement doesn’t stop there. The X-Chair X3 boasts fantastic qualities in several areas: comfort, ergonomics, construction and design, and durability.


Comfort is at the heart and soul of X-Chair’s X3, and you’ll find matching details sprinkled throughout the design. Among these details, my favorites include the contouring backrest that curves downward to support your spine and the plush waterfall seat that cushions your tailbone and relieves pressure on your thighs.

There’s also the Elemax accessory, which takes the X3 into overdrive. By placing the add-on behind the DVL, you gain instant access to heating, cooling, and massage functionality. The heating and cooling elements are surprisingly efficient — it’s almost like your back’s enjoying a hot sauna or muscle-soothing ice bath. Meanwhile, the massage function offers four different therapeutic-grade settings, letting you customize your experience from a gentle touch to a deep tissue massage.


Ergonomics is the most important consideration when choosing an office chair, and the X3 doesn’t disappoint. The chair’s thoughtful design strikes an excellent balance between active and passive adjustability, offering pinpoint control while maintaining a level of hands-free operation.

In terms of active adjustments, the X3 offers your standard fare: height, recline, and tilt mechanisms. It also provides advanced features, like 4-directional armrests, adjustable backrest height, and even seat-depth mechanics. Impressive.

Regarding more passive ergonomic features, the X3’s primary offerings include the DVL, which sits on an automatic tension mechanism to provide uninterrupted lumbar support, and SciFloat Infinite Recline. The latter keeps your body in motion throughout the day, increasing circulation and boosting energy levels as you work.

Construction & Design

When compared to the X-Chair X2, I’m not particularly impressed with the X3’s construction. The only difference between the two generations is the X3’s Advanced Tensile Recovery or A.T.R. fabric, a proprietary nylon mesh that provides more spring than previous iterations. While the new mesh is nice, it hardly warrants the additional $100 price tag.

Fortunately, the X3 does fare better when compared to office chairs from other companies. The X3’s overall look and feel are beautiful, with curvaceous components and a robust aluminum base that perfectly blends form and function.


As mentioned before, the X3’s main upgrade from the X2 is its Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric. While I don’t think this is a particularly noteworthy update, I will give kudos for its durability. The multi-layered knit polymer absolutely provides a robust foundation that’s liquid- and stain-resistant.

Regarding components, the X3 boasts a metal alloy frame with rugged plastic accents — fairly standard for a chair in this price range. Together, these components support up to 340 pounds, and everything feels quite sturdy, even when it approaches total capacity. The one caveat is the occasional squeak while adjusting the height or backrest. While this lessened my expectations at first, it doesn’t seem to affect actual performance, even if it is annoying.

Our Verdict of the X-Chair X3

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the X-Chair X3. Its iconic DVL system lives up to the hype, applying the ideal amount of pressure to bolster your lumbar. The tension-loaded design is quite ingenious, and you needn’t ever worry about whether your lower back is receiving appropriate support.

Combine the DVL with X-Chair’s Elemax add-on, and you have an incredible recipe for back support and pain relief. When you’re suffering, simply turn on your battery pack, and you’ve got cooling, heating, and massage functionality in the place you need it most.

The X3 also offers a range of adjustment mechanisms that — despite their occasional squeaks — are very robust and provide wonderfully adaptability. In particular, I appreciate the seat depth adjustment and SciFloat Infinite Recline functionality, features that aren’t always available in chairs at this price.

The major downside is that the X3 does little to innovate on its prior iteration, the X2. While I enjoy the new A.T.R. mesh as much as the next person, the X2’s K-Sport APM fabric is quite suitable for most users. Heck, even the X1’s Flex Mesh feels supportive enough throughout the day, and it costs $350 less than the X3!

But to each their own. If you want the latest and greatest model from X-Chair, the X3 includes all the upgrades, bells, and whistles. It’s also sure to provide excellent support over the long term, with a durable mesh weave that should genuinely last a lifetime.

Other Models from X-Chair

  • X-Chair X1 ($699.99) – As X-Chair’s entry-level model, the X1 lets you buy into the DVL ecosystem without spending a fortune.
  • X-Chair X2 ($849.99) – If the X3’s Advanced Tensile Recovery mesh doesn’t impress, the X2 is a reliable alternative for $100 less.
  • X-Chair X4 ($1,199.99) – X-Chair’s X4 is an all-leather chair that dials up the style at the cost of breathability.

Comparable Chairs from Other Brands

  • all33 BackStrong C1 ($799) – The all33 BackStrong C1 is another innovative new chair with — dare I say it — better lumbar support than X-Chair’s DVL.
  • ErgoChair Pro ($499) – While it may look virtually identical to the X3, the ErgoChair Pro focuses more on adjustability and less on back support.
  • Steelcase Leap | Amazon ($979) – SteelCases’ Natural Glide System™ features comparable functionality to the SciFloat recline system, with a similarly passive yet more intuitive ergonomic experience.
  • Herman Miller Aeron ($1,595) – As the king of mesh office chairs, the Aeron is a breathable, high-end option with even more adjustability than the X3.
  • Mavix M7 ($777.77) – Mavix is X-Chair’s gaming-oriented sister company, and the Mavix M7 incorporates many of X-Chair’s most supportive features, including its DVL.

Should You Buy The X-Chair X3?

When all is said and done, is the X-Chair X3 worth your time and hard-earned money? 

If you need a chair with excellent lumbar support and pain relief capabilities, the X3 is a fantastic choice. 

X-Chair’s Dynamic Variable Lumbar™ and ecosystem of add-ons provide unparalleled support and comfort. Combined with the X3’s array of adjustment mechanisms and SciFloat recline, it makes a wonderful companion for office workers, gamers, and everyone in between.

That said, it’s hard for me to recommend the X3 if you’re not suffering from back pain; other chairs simply offer more bang for your buck. For instance, the Steelcase Leap is among the most legendary ergonomic office chairs in the world, and it costs the same amount as the X-Chair X3. Meanwhile, the ErgoChair Pro boasts similar features at roughly half the price.

But if the price doesn’t scare you away — and you love the idea of treating your lower back to a spa day, every day — the X-Chair X3 may be just the ticket.

Office Chair
Best For
Price Range
Where To Buy
  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar™ Support automatically adjusts the pressure on your lower back
  • SciFloat Infinite Recline adapts to your center of gravity, changing angles on the fly
  • Optional Elemax add-on provides heating, cooling, and massage functionality
At A Glance
  • Price: : $949.99
  • Height:: 54 inches
  • Weight: : 51 pounds
  • Best for:: Low back support
  • Available Colors:: Black, Blue, Glacier, Gray