Homall Gaming Chair Review – Pricing & Performance

The best gaming chairs are expensive. If you’ve looked at top models like Secretlab and Maxnomic, you’ll know that most of them start around $300 and up. Unfortunately, such exorbitant pricing makes them all but out of reach for players who can’t shell out cash like it’s Monopoly money.

The good news? There are a handful of entry-level alternatives for players on a budget. Perhaps the most popular among them is the Homall Gaming Chair, an imported racing-style model that starts at just $100. For the price of a new video game (and a DLC or two), it offers access to essential comfort- and support-oriented features atop a durable steel frame.

Although it’s not as adjustable or luxurious as costlier models — we’re talking Baltic Ave, not Boardwalk or Park Place — I find that it gets the job done just fine. In this review, I’ll show you its top features and specs, helping you determine whether it’s suitable for your setup.

Homall Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Provides exceptional comfortable with an ergonomic design that adapts to most work environments
  • Sleek racing-inspired aesthetics and dual-tone finish fit most gaming rooms
  • At $100, it’s among the most affordable executive-style gaming chair on the market
  • Lumbar support comprises a single pillow
  • Slim, non-adjustable armrests don’t play well with all workstations
  • Cushions compress over time, sinking significantly within a year
At A Glance
  • Price: $134.99
  • Height: 52 inches
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Best for: Budget Gaming
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Cyan, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White
  • Incorporates comfy molded foam and PU leather upholstery
  • Reclines from 90° to 180° and rotates 360° for balanced support
  • Durable steel frame and Class III gas lift accommodates users up to 300 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free

Check out the Homall Gaming Chair on the manufacturer’s site to see more features.

What Does The Homall Gaming Chair Feel Like?

The first week with the Homall goes by like a dream. It’s so comfy and supportive, you’ll find time slipping by as you play your favorite games in absolute comfort. I noticed myself continually questioning whether I was reviewing the right chair, as particular areas seemed almost too good to be true. But as time went on, I came to discover several places where Homall doesn’t quite match my initial findings.

In the following few sections, I’ll break down what the Homall does right — and where it goes wrong — in relation to comfort, ergonomics, design, and durability.


When I think about budget gaming chairs, comfort is the last thing that comes to mind. Yet somehow or another, the team at Homall packs a ton of coziness into their chair’s affordable design. Although the materials take a couple of days to break in properly, it’s not long until the Homall’s PU leather feels supremely soft to the touch and its molded foam stuffing provides a cushy yet supportive embrace while gaming.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks in a chair at this price, particularly in the lumbar and arm regions. Don’t get me wrong, the lumbar pillow feels reasonably firm with appropriate give — but it’s only a foot or so wide and not nearly as supportive as a chair with integrated cushioning. Meanwhile, the armrests are quite thin, and your arms begin to tire of the mediocre build quality as the weeks drag on.


The Homall Gaming Chair does quite well for itself when it comes to ergonomics. Like most office-type chairs, the Homall comes with height, recline, and tilt tension mechanisms. But what sets it over the top is its tilt lock, a toggleable mechanism that locks in your seat angle with a click.

The other unique thing about the Homall is the 90° to 180° recline range. The chair’s highly flexible backrest is unheard of at this price, and I just love sitting 90° upright for work, dropping down to 120° for gaming, and kicking back to 150° and beyond when dozing off to Netflix.

My major ergonomic-related complaint with the Homall is its non-adjustable armrests. These stiff components make it hard to snuggle up with your desk, as the armrests get in the way. What’s more, they’re spaced a little too far apart for optimal support while typing or holding a controller. 

Construction & Design

I honestly can’t complain about the Homall’s construction. While I’m not particularly thrilled with the plastic components, their middling quality is expected for a $100 chair, and they do get the job done well enough.

When you think about it, the entry-level parts also make the design that much more impressive. Somehow or another, Homall’s R&D team managed to take all those uninspired pieces and transform them into a sleek racing aesthetic. The finished product looks straight out of Nascar, with a flashy two-tone palette that makes me think speed. I also enjoy the high-rise executive backrest, which provides the perfect backdrop for Twitch streams and Discord calls.

While some may dislike the Homall’s bulkiness compared to traditional office chairs, the lightweight 44-pound frame is unencumbered in most spaces. Plus, the smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move around, almost like a freshly-pitted racecar ready for action.


The Homall Gaming Chair features a respectable 300-pound weight capacity, though it feels better capped at 250 pounds. That’s not a slight to the steel frame’s durability, but more to do with the bucket-style seat’s flared edges, which make it hard for larger players to sit comfortably.

That said, there is one area where the Homall’s durability falls flat, and that’s in its cushioning. Although the process occurs over time, you’ll begin to feel a noticeable difference in comfort and support as the molded foam slowly deflates throughout the year. This sag also affects Homall’s upholstery, transforming the otherwise taut PU leather into looser waves of fabric.

Our Verdict of the Homall Gaming Chair

I have to be honest — the Homall was uniquely easy to review. And I don’t say that as a testament to its top-notch quality or anything like that. On the contrary, there are many areas where the Homall lets me down, most important of which include the sinking cushions, low-quality plastic components, and static armrests, which I’d much prefer fell into place like my minions in Clash of Clans.

No, it was so easy to review because it’s hard for me to seriously get upset about its lack of… well, anything. I mean, it’s a $100 chair, for goodness sake. And it does a surprisingly brilliant job of offering all of the essentials, plus a little extra. In particular, the Homall’s leatherette-wrapped cushions and tall executive backrest melt away stress and worries for pure gaming bliss. There’s also the chair’s flashy dual-tone aesthetic, which looks downright sick in most gaming rooms.

When you consider the $100 price tag, it’s not hard to see why the Homall Gaming Chair is the best-selling model on Amazon. Moreover, the chair’s spectacular 4.4-star rating across 50,000 user reviews seems right on par with the value and longevity it provides.

Other Models from Homall

  • Homall Pedestal Chair | Amazon ($219.99) – While the standard Homall Gaming Chair is ideal for PC players, this Pedestal variant’s reclining frame, thick armrests, and built-in cupholder make it a harbinger of comfort on console.
  • Homall Gaming Recliner | Amazon ($169.99) – If you prefer a multipurpose lounging chair, the Homall Recliner channels La-Z-Boy for unbeatable relaxation.
  • Homall LED Gaming Chair | Amazon ($179.99) – Light up your gaming room with the RGB variant, an LED-infused chair that brings a new spark to your gameplay.

Comparable Chairs from Other Brands

  • GTRACING GT099 | Amazon ($135.99) – The GT099 is my go-to budget gaming chair, offering many of the same features as Homall, alongside thicker 2D armrests.
  • OFM 3050 Task Chair | Amazon ($138.10) – OFM (also known as Respawn) creates this extraordinarily adjustable office chair that rivals the Homall in comfort despite its small size.
  • Secretlab TITAN Evo ($449) – The Secretlab TITAN Evo is a God among gaming chairs, providing an all-around better experience than Homall, but at four times the price.
  • all33 BackStrong C1 ($799) – If you’re a competitive player with a large budget, the all33 BackStrong C1 keeps you upright and focused for hours on end.

Should You Buy The Homall Gaming Chair?

I don’t recommend the Homall Gaming Chair to players with lots of cash to throw around. All of its quality features aside, Homall’s entry-level components and moderate craftsmanship stand no chance against the gaming gods at Secretlab or ergonomic geniuses at all33.

However — if you’re a gamer on a ~$100 budget and want something supportive to play on without breaking the bank (or your back), Homall is an excellent choice that I wholeheartedly recommend.