Vari Electric Standing Desk Review

Vari Electric Standing Desk Review — The #1 Best Mid-Tier Option?

Stability is the biggest issue with today’s standing desks. While most of them are sturdy enough at base height, every inch of upward movement leads to more and more wobble. By the time they reach their limit, it’s like a magnitude 10 earthquake every time you press your keyboard.

The Vari Electric Standing desk is a little different. Although it looks similar to models like the Fully Jarvis and Uplift V2, it’s the sturdiest among them — by a landslide. It also provides many health-oriented benefits, courtesy of a powerful motor that adjusts over 25″ to support movement and mitigate the time you spend sitting.

While the Vari Electric does have some drawbacks (it doesn’t include as many features as its competitors), it remains a powerful, easy-to-use desk that sets a reliable foundation for any modern office. Join me on this Vari Electric Standing Desk review, and let’s peek at what makes Vari so unique.

Vari Electric Standing Desk Pros & Cons

  • Simple, elegant design fits minimal office spaces
  • The single-person setup process takes just 15 minute
  • Easy checkout, with five color options and minimal upsells
  • Shows little side-to-side and front-to-back movement, even fully extended
  • Operates smoothly and efficiently, adjusting at a healthy 1.3″ per second
  • Pre-configured designs; few personalization options
  • Lacks essential safety features like anti-collision detection and California Prop 65 compliance
  • No integrated cable management tray; solution costs an extra $50
At A Glance
  • Price: Starting $695
  • Height: 25 to 50.5 inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs & up
  • Best for: Stability
  • Available Colors: Black, Butcher Block, Darkwood, Reclaimed Wood, White
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free
  • Desktop varies from 48″ to 72″ wide; supports up to 220 pounds
  • Vari’s patented “quick-attach” assembly system comes together in under 15 minutes
  • The 3-stage T-style legs adjust from 25″ to 50.5″ high and distribute surface weight for minimal wobble

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How Does the Vari Electric Standing Desk Perform?

From the moment you lay eyes on the Vari Electric Standing Desk, it’s clear that the company went to great lengths making things as user-friendly as possible. The entire Vari experience is smooth as can be, with an easy checkout process, a simple 15-minute assembly, and an easy-touch control panel that adjusts in a jiffy. Meanwhile, Vari’s sturdy frame keeps gear safe and secure whether you’re using the desk in sitting or standing mode.

Of course, the Vari Electric isn’t perfect. During the review process, I uncovered several areas that dimmed its otherwise lustrous façade. While I’m not convinced that these detractions outweigh the positives, they are things to keep in mind as you decide whether the Vari desk is right for you.

Let’s dig deeper into the desk’s ergonomics so you can see the good (and the bad) that the Electric Standing Desk has to offer.


Vari Ergonomics

First of all, I want to shout out Vari’s R&D team for their patented “quick-attach” assembly system. Everything you need to install the desk comes right in the box, and the entire setup takes less than 15 minutes. It’s probably the most straightforward process I’ve encountered, outside perhaps the Steelcase Solo.

Once you’ve got it all set up, you can begin enjoying over 25″ of movement, a range that’s on par with other 3-stage standing desk frames. Unfortunately, the frame’s minimum height sits at 25″ tall, which only supports users 5′4” and up without a footrest or keyboard tray. Unlike the Fully Jarvis, there are no low-profile or taller options for users outside the “standard” range.

The good news is that physically adjusting the desk is as easy as can be with Vari’s arrow-key control panel. If you’re not into making manual adjustments every time (who is?), the desk’s four programmable height settings will take you to your desired position at the click of a button. To program the desk, you simply set it to your desired height, hit the ‘M’ button, and then the number preset you want to bind. Voila! All done.

Regarding movement, the powerful Kaidi electrical board and smooth-motion motor adjust the desk at a respectable 1.3″ per second. I also checked the sound range, and the Vari maxes out at a low-to-average 55 decibels, which is ideal for shared households and late-night work marathons.

The thing that bums me out the most about Vari’s Electrical Desk is its lack of a dedicated cable tray (you have to pay an extra $50 for an add-on). I’m also extremely disappointed by the omission of dedicated collision detection. Should a child, pet, or piece of expensive gear get in the way, the Vari will not stop, continuing its upward or downward trajectory. This is a massive blunder from Vari, considering the desk’s middle-age target audience.

Construction & Design

The Vari Electric is stunning. It’s probably my favorite of the “big three” adjustable desks, alongside the Fully and Uplift. Although the desktop surface features a durable laminate finish, it resembles and feels like real wood. I’d have no problem setting up and using any of the five finish options, which include black, butcher block, darkwood, reclaimed wood, and white.

Do note that I’m referring to the updated 2020 Vari Electric, not the prior models. The old design featured an unsightly crossbar that stretched from either leg, and it was quite the eyesore. The new desk did away with the bar and managed to maintain most (though not all) of the stability it provided, incorporating a new-and-improved T-style leg design for equal weight distribution. The Vari Electric’s legs also boast steel construction, which is quite heavy (the entire desk starts at 120 pounds), but extremely robust and supportive.

In terms of aesthetics, don’t expect to mix and match the colors of the laminate top and coated steel legs. There are only five configurations available, and Vari has everything laid out for you with minimal customization options.

While the lack of choice may hamper your creative process or interior design plans, these predetermined decisions are integral to Vari’s marketing strategy. The company’s emphasis is accessibility, and you don’t get to pick and choose parts like you can on other popular desks. This marketing scheme has its ups and downs, but I’m personally a fan. While personalization is nice, performance is more important, and I prefer a simple selection process that’s already done for me.


Now that we’ve discussed ergonomics and design, let’s talk about the Vari Electric’s crowning achievement: its overall quality and incredible stability.

During testing, the Vari showed zero side-to-side or front-to-back motion when sitting at its base 25″ height. Although shake and wobble gradually increase until you reach its full 50.5″ potential, that’s just the laws of physics at work, and there’s not much avoiding it. Not to mention, its overall shake is nothing compared to the competition from Fully and Uplift.

To be fair, the Vari Electric does cap out at a weight load of 220 pounds. Meanwhile, the Fully Jarvis and Uplift V2 can accommodate 350 and 355 pounds. But even when stacked to capacity, the Vari’s enhanced stability still outperforms the other best standing desks by a considerable margin.

One disappointment is that the Vari’s pre-2020 version was even more robust than the current model. I understand and support the company’s decision to remove the center beam, but I wish Vari had found a way to maintain the virtually rock-solid foundation. 

Our Verdict of the Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Overview

The Vari has its place among today’s mid-tier standing desks. It’s by far the best-looking, and it’s easily the sturdiest desk in its price range. You can swap from sitting to standing and back again with the arrow-key control panel and even program in your favorite settings to guarantee posture-perfect position every time.

The Vari is also excellent for your overall well-being, with numerous studies backing up its health benefits.

However, I don’t think that the Vari is necessarily the best option for everyone. It’s relatively expensive, and ergonomic extras (like a simple cable management tray) cost extra. There’s also the lack of a collision detection system, which comes standard on options from other desk manufacturers like Fully and Uplift. It’s an unfortunate move from Vari, one that could potentially put lives at risk, and I wholeheartedly condemn that decision.

But these caveats don’t impact everyone. And the peace of mind coming from the Vari Electric Standing Desk’s stability may outweigh its omission of collision detection. I mean, you can stack on your PC, peripherals, and all your work equipment (up to 220 pounds), and never worry about anything getting damaged from an unstable desk surface. Since that’s one of the main reservations among users swapping to standing desks, you have to give kudos to Vari.

Lastly, you can’t forget about how simple and intuitive the Vari is. You’ll never encounter a more straightforward checkout process. I spent all of five minutes choosing my favorite desktop color, proceeding to payment options, and getting everything squared away. It’s that simple.

What’s more, assembly is so easy, your grandma could do it. Well, the 120-pound starting weight might hinder that a bit, but the point remains. The team at Vari stepped it up with a design that works and feels great, encouraging users to get out of their comfort zone and make the swap from sitting to standing.

Other Models from Vari

  • Essential Electric ($499.99) – If you don’t mind a less-adjustable 2-stage frame, the Essential Electric offers access to Vari’s standing desk functionality for under $500.
  • VariDesk® Pro Plus™ ($395) – The VariDesk® Pro Plus™ isn’t a standalone standing desk, but this desk converter can add adjustability to your existing workstation.
  • Four Leg Essential Desk ($249.99) – While Vari’s known for its standing desks, the company also makes the fixed-height Four Leg Essential Desk, which features a similar level of durability to the Vari Electric.

Comparable Desks from Other Brands

  • Fully Jarvis | Amazon ($539) – The Fully Jarvis is SitWorkPlay’s favorite standing desk, thanks to its affordable pricing and excellent safety features — including collision detection.
  • Uplift V2 | Amazon ($599) – The Vari Electric’s stability may be second to none, but the Uplift V2 carries 135 pounds more weight, with a maximum capacity of 355 pounds.
  • FlexiSpot Seiffen | Amazon ($209.99) – Standing desks don’t have to break the bank; although the FlexiSpot comes with far fewer features than the Vari Electric, it comes in at one-third the price.

Should You Buy The Vari Electric Standing Desk?

With everything from this Vari Electric Standing Desk review in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend the Vari Electric for those seeking ergonomic stability alongside a minimal design. From initial assembly to the everyday grind, the desk offers an enjoyable, intuitive experience that encourages you to inject some movement into your work routine.

That said, the Vari isn’t suitable for folks who like to customize their desks or those with little ones at home. There are few personalization options, and the desk’s lack of anti-collision presents a major concern. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Office Chair
Best For
Price Range
Where To Buy
Starting at $695
View More Details
  • Desktop sizes range from 48″ to 72″ wide
  • Base model supports up to 220 pounds of gear
  • T-style frame (centered legs) means there’s virtually zero wobble, even when fully extended
At A Glance
  • Price: Starting at $695
  • Height: 25 to 50.5 inches
  • Weight: 120 lbs & up
  • Best for: Stable work surfaces
  • Available Colors: Black, Butcher Block, Darkwood, Reclaimed Wood, White
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free

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