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How Much Should Your Office Chair Cost?

The chair you choose to work in matters more than you think — especially when you consider that office workers spend up 75% of their waking hours sitting down.

Office chairs, also known as desk chairs, task chairs, executive chairs, or computer chairs, are an essential investment when you (or your employees) spend long hours sitting throughout the workweek. However, finding the right office chair isn’t always easy. It depends on several factors, and price points vary depending on the design, quality, upholstery, warranty, and many other factors. 

With that in mind, let’s dive deeper into office chair costs and how much you can expect to pay for a new chair.

How Much Does an Office Chair Cost on Average?

The office chair price range is significant. They can cost anywhere from around $50 to over $2,000. When seeking a high-quality chair, expect to spend $250 to $750. This price range will get you a durable chair, offering features that more budget-friendly chairs may not provide. 

You can determine a general price range by asking yourself: how much time will I be spending in this chair?

The more time spent in the chair, the higher quality the chair should be, especially if ergonomics is important to you. The higher the quality, the higher the price tag. 

What Impacts the Price of an Office Chair?

An office chair’s price tag is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Material & build quality
  • Adjustability & customizability
  • Warranty policy
  • Shipping costs & assembly

Some of these variables may be more important to you than others, which is why it’s essential to do your research. Here’s a closer look at these factors and how they influence the price of an office chair. 

Material & Build Quality

Close Up of Office Chair

Craftsmanship matters, and an office chair’s materials and build quality take up a significant chunk of the product’s overall manufacturing cost.

Naturally, this variable significantly influences the quality of an office chair’s durability and longevity. The materials used and the level of craftsmanship will determine how the chair handles everyday wear and tear. Higher quality materials will be more durable, making the chair more expensive. 

When comparing materials, you have a variety of upholstery options, including:

  • Genuine leather — As you might expect, chairs made with genuine leather are typically the most expensive type of office chair, costing upwards of $1,000. If you want a genuine leather chair without the high price tag, you will need to sacrifice other features, such as adjustability. Regardless, natural leather is the most expensive material available — it also lasts the longest. 
  • Mesh — Mesh chairs have become a trendy option. This material is comfortable and breathable, which is attractive to many. Again, you can find mesh chairs with various price points based on the quality of the mesh and the chair’s overall features. Higher-end mesh is more elastic, making it more supportive. In contrast, lower-end mesh chairs aren’t as flexible. A mesh chair can mean a ‘mesh back’ or a mesh seat. Either way, the primary upholstery material will be mesh. 
  • Vinyl (PU leather) — Vinyl is also known as faux leather. It is a popular substitute for leather because it looks similar but costs less. That said, the lower the price tag, the lower the quality in most cases. Since the material isn’t as durable, it may flake over time. If you spend many hours a week in your office chair, you may notice flaking reasonably quickly. 

In addition to the upholstery, you should be mindful of the other materials used to construct the rest of the chair — and how well they are assembled. For example, high-end chairs will be made with body-contouring foam seats, oversized casters, and a sturdy aluminum foundation. This combination of materials will help enhance the longevity of an office chair and will also typically support higher weight limits. 

How a chair is constructed matters, as quality construction will ensure that your chair works as expected, without crooked parts or wiggly pieces. 

Adjustability & Customization

The price of an office chair is influenced by its adjustability, and for many, this is a crucial factor. 

When you spend long hours in an office chair, you’ll want to choose an ergonomic design built with long-term user-specific comfort in mind. Office chairs can come with a slew of adjustability features, and typically the more adjustment options, the more expensive the chair will be. 

Here are some of the standard adjustments you’ll find in office chairs across varying price ranges:

  • Seat height — Adjustable seat height allows you to quickly raise and lower your seat, depending on the desired height. 
  • Tilt — The ability to tilt your backrest allows you to change your position throughout the day. 
  • Armrest height — When armrests are adjustable, you can easily raise and lower them until your arms are resting comfortably. 
  • Headrest — When a headrest is adjustable, users can pivot, raise, or lower the height of available head support. 

When you invest in a higher-end chair, you’ll also typically benefit from additional features:

  • Seat depth — Achieve proper back support (without experiencing knee discomfort) by adjusting the seat depth. 
  • Lumbar support — Lumbar support is critical for good posture and back health. When a chair supports the lower back, it helps prevent back pain. This adjustability also ensures support for every user, no matter their height. 
  • Armrest height, width, and depth — Today, many office chairs allow users to adjust armrest height. Higher-end chairs also offer fully adjustable arm width and depth. 

Adjustability is worth the investment because it ensures your chair will fit your body. This level of customization yields a more comfortable experience when sitting for long periods. If customization is important to you, seek a chair that offers varying fabric and color options.

Warranty Policy

Warranties provide peace of mind, acting as a guarantee to the buyer. Making the initial investment in a high-end chair ensures greater quality and, generally, a better warranty. Most warranties will cover repairs or replacements for a set timeframe, such as 30 days, six months, one year, and so on.

How much is an office chair with a warranty? It’s essential to read the fine print, as all warranties are unique. Some warranties are only valid if an item was damaged in a specific way, while others will provide replacements, no questions asked. In most cases, less expensive chairs come with less than ideal warranty policies — or no warranty at all. High-end chairs often come with excellent warranties, sometimes spanning decades or even a lifetime. 

You may benefit from a long-term warranty when you invest in a mid-range office chair, but it will probably come with several exclusions. For example, parts of the seat that are likely to break down over time may not be covered. 

Shipping Costs & Assembly

A chair you need to assemble yourself will typically be less expensive than one that comes fully assembled. 

How much is a good office chair that comes full assembled? These high-end models often start at $500 (or more). If sourcing your chair internationally, the final office chair cost may be even higher because of shipping charges and duty fees. That final price tag will not be based on the actual chair’s value concerning its build or the materials used. 

Our Favorite Office Chair in Each Price Range

Office Chairs in Office

How much do office chairs cost in different price ranges? Let’s take a look.

Low-Cost Chair: Neo Chair MB7

Price: $79

This basic yet versatile office chair is considered the “best-in-class, low-budget” chair. The seat is wide, spacious, and features a thick cushion. Made with breathable mesh, the Neo Chair MB7 chair will keep you cool and comfortable. 

Mid-Range Office Chair: Steelcase Series 1

Price: $439

If you’re in the market for a mid-range chair, the Steelcase Series 1 office chair delivers on what matters most — style, choice, and performance. Enjoy seat ergonomics, lumbar support, adjustability, and more. It’s top of the list when comparing the best office chairs under $500

Premium Chair: all33 BackStrong C1

Price: $799

For a high-end chair you can count on, check out the all33 BackStrong C1. This chair is all about “healthy sitting for peak performance” — thanks to its many unique features. Dive deeper into the benefits of this quality chair here

What To Look For in an Office Chair

Whether you’re looking for chairs for employees or are ready to invest in quality home office furniture, it’s crucial to choose a chair that meets your needs. You’ll want to get through the workday comfortably, which is why an ergonomic design is so important.

For best results, seek out chairs that offer adjustable lumbar support, tilt recline, and armrests so you can easily change positions and stay comfortable throughout the day. Also, consider looking for swivel chairs with a 360° swivel so you can more easily maneuver around your office throughout the day. 

The best office chairs allow you to sit for long hours without experiencing discomfort, aches, or pains. When asking how much does a chair cost, this office chair buying guide is an excellent place to look.

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