About SitWorkPlay

At SitWorkPlay, we scour the internet to find the best office, gaming & technology-focused furniture brands. Our goal is to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to buying quality products – whether they be for work or play. 

We are especially focused on ergonomics, as we know hobbies like gaming, and desk-bound jobs can take a toll on your body’s form and function. 

Our end-goal is to deliver you unbiased, well-researched recommendations that can help improve your life and your health. We’re proud of our mission and take it to heart in everything we write.


This site really is about you. Not an ounce of digital ink gets typed without thinking about whether it’s best for our readers.


We want you to get the most for your money in the admittedly overwhelming world of office, gaming and ergonomic gear.

Honest & Transparent

If we think something stinks, we’ll tell you. If we think something is amazing, we’ll tell you. It really is that simple.

Our Writers

Austin Carroll

Austin Carroll is a writer and editor who sits, works, and plays for several hours a day. He understands firsthand the need for supportive peripherals and loves helping others assemble the offices and gaming rooms of their dreams. Follow him on Twitter: @byAustinCarroll

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Matt Schickling

Matt Schickling is writer, editor and marketer who believes ergonomic furniture can make a tangible difference in your overall life. He’s obsessed with finding the perfect at-home work setup – and helping others do the same.

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