How Much Is a Gaming Chair

How Much Should You Pay For A Gaming Chair?

Gamers know that their setup is everything when it comes to an optimal gaming experience. Although your keyboard and mouse get the most attention, your gaming chair is another integral component of a great gaming session. 

If you’re ready to invest in your setup, you may be wondering: how much is a gaming chair going to cost?

For the highest quality gaming chairs, expect to pay anywhere between $350 and $1,000. However, you can find chairs at a wide variety of price points depending on the level of comfort and quality you seek, as well as the features you want. 

Gaming Chair Costs

The price tag of a new gaming chair depends on everything from its features to its craftsmanship.  

For a high-quality gaming chair, expect to pay between $350 and $500, on average — though some chairs can cost up to $1000. It is possible to find gaming chairs for under $50. However, don’t expect cheaper chairs to offer the same quality and comfort as a higher-end chair. They won’t last as long either. 

One of the most significant variables to keep in mind is time. Do you plan on spending hours in your chair several times a week? Will you be using the chair as both an office and gaming chair? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, a higher-end chair will be worth the investment. 

What Impacts the Price of Gaming Chairs?

Gamer Researching Gaming Chairs

When asking how much does a gaming chair cost, you need to consider several things. Focus on what’s most important to you, and then go from there. Some of the things that can raise the price of your gaming chair include but are not limited to stability, durability, comfort/adjustability, and immersion features. Let’s take a closer look at these variables. 


A chair’s durability is one of the primary deciding factors concerning its price tag. Durability is influenced by how a chair is constructed and the materials used.

A high-end chair will feature better quality and more robust materials, like a steel frame. Fabrics also significantly affect a chair’s durability. The highest-priced and most durable chairs will typically feature high-quality faux leather, PU leather, or genuine leather. These materials tend to hold up over time, reducing signs of wear and tear. 

More durable chairs also have greater weight capacities. So, if you seek a leather gaming chair that will last, expect to pay higher-end prices. 

Stability and Maneuverability 

Depending on your game of choice, stability and maneuverability may be important variables throughout the gaming experience. If you need to move from one area of your gaming setup to the next, optimal chair stability is crucial. Again, the quality of construction is key, influencing the cost of the chair. When you consider the possibility that your character could respawn in a chaotic location, the benefits of a maneuverable desk chair become apparent.

Another key consideration here is the chair casters. They should be able to move across various types of flooring without jamming. Although not always, cheaper models may not be overly reliable concerning a smooth and quick transition from one area to another. 

Gaming chairs should also swivel easily. If you’re using your chair for both home office and gaming purposes, you’ll appreciate this feature. 

Comfort and Adjustability 

If you’re into PC gaming, you’re likely familiar with what a high-end gaming chair looks like. Designs that focus on ergonomics are often more expensive based on the time and resources required to develop those features.

The goal of ergonomic gaming chairs is to mimic your body to allow for unrestricted movement while supporting your neck, shoulder, and back. These chairs should help you keep your posture in check, improving overall circulation and joint health. 

Depending on the price point of your gaming chair, you may also enjoy features like seat height adjustments, adjustable armrests, headrests, backrests, footrests, and added lumbar support. Some chairs even come with a lumbar pillow, neck pillow, memory foam cushioning, and recline features. If you’re someone who games for long hours, all of those features are well-worth a higher price tag. 

Immersion Features

Like anything, the more features a product has, the more expensive it generally is — especially when dealing with tech functionality such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth. 

More expensive gaming chairs often offer features that you won’t find when purchasing cheap gaming chairs. These features can make a significant difference to some gamers while others aren’t as interested. 

To better understand whether these features matter to you, it’s important to discuss their impact on one’s overall gaming experience. 

Starting with built-in speakers, this feature can significantly enhance your audio experience — and when your gaming chair offers Bluetooth, you can enjoy connectivity within 30+ feet of your system. Although you will not likely ever be that far away, this flexibility ensures you can move around without needing to worry about losing connectivity. 

The Most Important Gaming Chair Features

  • Adjustability — To ensure comfort, especially if you like to game in several different positions, look for chairs that offer multiple points of adjustability. For example, the ability to lower or raise the seat and armrests, the ability to recline, etc. 
  • Lumbar support — For many gamers, this is number one. If you’re someone who games for hours at a time, you’ll want to invest in a chair that allows your body to maintain an ideal posture. Some gaming chairs even come with lumbar pillows. The goal here is to minimize strain on the spine
  • Ergonomics — Speaking of lumbar support, this feature falls under a much larger category; a chair’s overall ergonomics. This design principle focuses on comfort and physical wellness. If this feature is important to you, look for chairs that have headrests, adjustable armrests, etc. 
  • Quality upholstery — A chair’s upholstery will often determine its level of durability, contributing to its lifespan. There are many synthetic and natural fabrics to choose from, ranging from PU leather to cotton. Many agree the best natural material is genuine leather (for longevity), and the best synthetic is mesh (for breathability).
  • Cushioning — Comfort matters, which is why some gaming chairs will offer pillows for your neck and spine, in addition to the cushioning that’s built into the chair itself. 
  • Quality wheels & casters — When you need to move to different areas within your gaming setup, quality wheels and casters make a big difference. 
  • Directional armrests — Gaming chairs will often feature multi-directional armrests, anywhere from 1D to 4D. The “D” stands for directional. 
  • Size and style — Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, so many manufacturers make a range of styles. There are small gaming chairs, just as there are gaming chairs better suited for those who are big and tall. Each chair will be rated for a certain height and weight, so remain mindful of a chair’s specs if this is important to you. 

Our Favorite Gaming Chairs in Each Price Range

Gaming in a Gaming Chair

Low-Cost Gaming Chair: GTRACING GT099

Price: $129.99

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option that is sleek, adjustable, durable, and well-padded? The GTRACING GT099 is it! There are many pros to this gaming chair, without the high-end price tag. Dive deeper into all this chair has to offer to see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Mid-Tier Gaming Chair: Secretlab TITAN Evo

Price: $449

The Secretlab TITAN Evo is one of the best gaming chairs because of its stylish design and endless personalization options. This chair offers new features, like L-ADAPT lumbar support, a detachable magnetic pillow, enhanced tilt mechanisms, and more. It also comes in small, regular, and large sizes to better fit gamers 4’11” to 6’9″. 

Premium Gaming Chair: All33 BackStrong

Price: $799

Although not technically a “gaming chair,” this is still one of the best options for gamers. The all33 BackStrong C1 is designed with ergonomics in mind; you will appreciate the posture-correcting bucket seat, durable build, and reinforced lumbar support. 

The Best Gaming Chair For You

If you’re a gamer who spends long hours at your gaming setup, a high-quality gaming chair is well worth the investment. 

The most important features will depend on your gaming style, personal preferences, and budget. For example, if you move around a lot during your gaming sessions, you’ll want to consider a chair’s stability and adjustability. If comfort is the most important feature to you, look closer at a chair’s cushioning, lumbar support, and overall ergonomics. You can then prioritize the essential features to find a gaming chair within your budget. 

So, how much do gaming chairs cost? You can get started for as low as $200 (sometimes even less). For optimal comfort and durability, prepare to spend anywhere from $350 to $1,000 depending on your desired features, adjustability, and brand.

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