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Comparing noblechairs vs. DXRacer Features, Pricing, & More

Every brand has an image that aligns with its product design. For noblechairs, it’s an image of royalty — of sophistication and luxury atop secure, throne-like bases. For DXRacer, it’s an image ripped straight out of Forza Motorsports, one that evokes scenes of high-stakes, aggressive action in the fast lane.

These brand images perfectly encapsulate your experience with each company’s gaming chairs: noblechairs takes a simple, refined approach to design while DXRacer emphasizes loud, racing-style gaming chairs. Although there are minute differences between the comfort and support offered by each brand’s products, choosing between noblechairs vs. DXRacer is mainly about deciding which one best resonates with your gaming sensibilities.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the different company’s philosophies and various gaming chair options. By the end of the article, you’ll know what makes each brand unique and which one is right for you. 

noblechairs Basics

noblechairs Logo

noblechairs is a German company that’s been in business since 2016. It’s the brainchild of Toni Sonn and his entrepreneurial partners who saw the traditional racing-style gaming chairs as too in-your-face and gaudy. 

Emboldened to shake up the industry, Toni and company employed an experienced design team to create a chair that blended familiar gaming chair elements with minimal colors and more sophisticated accents. And thus, the EPIC gaming chair was born. 

The chair became a massive success, and the team readied its next product for launch: the HERO gaming chair. This chair moved further away from the likes of DXRacer and racing-style frames, incorporating a streamlined design with fewer jarring angles. The R&D team also included office ergonomic features like adaptable lumbar support and 4-way adjustable armrests.

Finally, the company released its crowning jewel: the noblechairs ICON. This elegant, upward-tapering seat is unlike anything else on the market, and it fulfilled the company’s original mission to set a new precedent for non-traditional gaming chairs. 

All three chairs start in the $400 to $500 price range. In other words, noblechairs markets its products as premium gaming chairs that can compete with the likes of Secretlab and even lower-end Herman Miller chairs.

noblechairs Pros

  • New, innovative designs offer a fresh take on gaming chairs
  • Incorporate supportive cold-cure foam with premium materials like rip-resistant fabric, PU leather, or genuine leather upholstery
  • Chairs boast steel frames and 5-star aluminum bases
  • 4D armrests ensure proper upper-body posture in every position

noblechairs Cons

  • Lowest-priced chair starts at $400
  • There are only three chairs in the lineup
  • Few color options aside from stitching accents and special edition chairs
  • The EPIC and ICON feature headrest and lumbar pillows that offer lackluster support compared to integrated options

Most Popular noblechairs Product: noblechairs EPIC

At A Glance
  • Price: $419.99
  • Height: 55 inches
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Best for: Minimal racing aesthetics, ergonomics
  • Available Colors: Black, White
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free
  • Adjusts four inches in height and reclines up to 135°
  • Thick PU leather with accent stitching looks and feels luxurious
  • 4D armrests move up & down, side & side, forward & backward, in & out

Learn more about the noblechairs EPIC from these online retailers.

The EPIC may be noblechairs’ first model, but it remains one of the best-selling gaming chairs on the market. The EPIC is luxurious through and through, from the plush PU leather and supportive foam interior to the intricate diamond weave that provides a subtle hint of color. Its steel frame and aluminum base accommodate 265 pounds and offer 90° upright to 135° relaxed positioning for every body type. 

While I find the protruding wings too exaggerated for my liking, many individuals adore the seemingly at-odds racing-style design and minimal colors.

Other Models from noblechairs

  • noblechairs HERO | Amazon ($459) – Treat yourself right with the noblechairs HERO, a gaming-meets-office chair with built-in adjustable lumbar support and refined aesthetics.
  • noblechairs ICON | Amazon ($429.99) – The noblechairs ICON is fit for a king, with an elegant, tapered backrest and resilient BIFMA-certified support.

DXRacer Basics

DXRacer Logo

DXRacer is the godfather of gaming chairs. The company launched way back in 2002 as a race car seat manufacturer before pivoting to the gamingsphere around 2006. Nowadays, you’ll find nearly a dozen different chairs in its roster.

The best-selling DXRacing chairs include the Racing, Formula, and Gladiator Series. These all feature iconic racing-style design elements, although the latter also comes with a modular frame. This specialty frame acts like any other, but you can expand its functionality with accessories ranging from footrests to device holding brackets.

These chairs, alongside the Prince, King, and Tank series, make up the bulk of DXRacer’s sales. Save for the Tank series, they all start around or under $400, making them easily accessible to most players.

More recently, DXRacer has begun straying from its racing roots, expanding into new, more expensive lineups, including the all-mesh AIR series and dynamic MASTER Series. No matter how you like to work or play, DXRacer has you covered with a flashy yet supportive option.

DXRacer Pros

  • Products feature plenty of color options
  • Affordable range of models, starting around $200
  • Durable steel frames come with a lifetime warranty
  • Reliable craftsmanship, with lessons learned from over 20 years in business

DXRacer Cons

  • Few special edition models to rep your favorite games or teams
  • Extensive range of options can make purchasing a chair overwhelming
  • Company is no longer settings trends; lags behind other manufacturers
  • Incorporates inferior nylon bases

Most Popular DXRacer Product: DXRacer Gladiator Series

At A Glance
  • Price: $319
  • Height: 53 inches
  • Weight: 56.2 lbs
  • Best for: Racing-style aesthetics, durable steel framing
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, White
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free
  • Extremely adjustable, with 4D armrests and 135° of recline
  • Features premium PU upholstery and molded foam
  • Customizable modular design; can outfit with footrests and device brackets

Learn more about the DXRacer Gladiator Series from these online retailers.

The DXRacer Gladiator Series has quickly ascended the ranks to become one of DXRacer’s most popular options. Users love its traditional racing aesthetic, complete with flashy dual-color design and comfortable leather-covered foam seat. If you like, you can also outfit your Gladiator with extra functionality via DXRacer’s modular accessory packs. Pay the extra fee, and you can add a footrest, device brackets, and even a cup holder for quick swigs of Red Bull.

Other Models from DXRacer

  • DXRacer Legacy Series (239.99) – The legacy series comprises the Racing and Formula chairs, which offer similar functionality to the Gladiator for $50 to $100 less.
  • DXRacer AIR ($439) – The DXRacer AIR’s all-mesh design provides a comfortable seat that keeps you cool during Summer Champs and cradled up during Winterfest.
  • DXRacer MASTER ($419.99) – If you like DXRacer but dislike traditional racing chairs, the MASTER looks more like an executive-style chair and comes with exceptional integrated lumbar support.

How Do noblechairs and DXRacer Stack Up? 

There’s a major cultural difference between noblechairs and DXRacer, resulting in distinct designs and qualities. The folks at noblechairs come from a business background, while the individuals at DXRacer come from a racing background. As such, you’ll find elements of each sprinkled throughout every facet of these company’s chairs.

Here’s a quick look at some high-level differences, followed by an in-depth analysis of noblechairs vs. DXRacer.

Price Range$400 to $800$200 to $700
Product RangeChairs, accessoriesChairs, accessories
Warranty2 years2 years (lifetime on steel frame)

Product Design

noblechairs chairs

Both companies began their gaming chair divisions by selling racing-style seats, and both companies have since expanded in other directions. But one did this intentionally, and the other out of necessity.

Before expounding further, let me briefly explain what a racing-style chair is. Classic race cars feature bucket seats with flared edges to keep you snug and secure while going 100+ MPH on the track; they also come with tall, reclining backrests with flashy colors and sponsorship logos. Racing-style chairs incorporate these same concepts, transporting them from the Formula One track to an office-worthy 5-star base.

DXRacer was among the first racing-style seat manufacturers, and it largely sticks to this tried-and-true formula. Although DXRacer has begun expanding its lineup to better compete with newer companies, its most popular chairs retain that classic racing aesthetic and flashy color schemes.

noblechairs, on the other hand, entered the market intending to reinvent the gaming chair. Its first product resembled traditional racing chairs yet featured a simple black-and-white design that hinted at its overarching ambitions. Next was the paired down HERO and finally the ICON, which hardly resembles a racing-style chair at all. Instead, it boasts a tall, throne-like design that matches its noble branding.

Verdict: noblechairs is minimal and elegant, while DXRacer embraces its racing roots.


Both noblechairs and DXRacer excel when it comes to creating a comfortable chair.

DXRacer’s gaming chairs are snug as a Volkswagon Bug, with wings that surround your body to keep you centered, locked, and loaded. They tend to incorporate plush molded foam and PU leather upholstery that’s smooth and slick to the touch (one model even comes with breathable mesh webbing). Most of its options come with 135° or more of recline as well as a neck pillow and lumbar cushion. Some even offer footrest attachments that let you kick back and relax whenever you like.

noblechairs offers similar comfort-oriented features, but I prefer the company’s foam a little more. It incorporates an exceptional blend of plushness and firmness, and I find it cozier, especially as it softens over time (don’t worry — it doesn’t lose its supportiveness). I also prefer noblechairs’ smooth PU leather, which is slick and soft to the touch. If PU leather isn’t your thing, noblechairs also offers high-tech synthetic leather, natural leather, and even fabric upholstery options.

Verdict: noblechairs’ upholstery is comfier and comes in your choice of PU leather, leather, or fabric. But DXRacer is the only one to offer mesh chairs and reclining footrests.


DXRacer Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the way your chair supports you during work and play. It encompasses many aspects of the design, but is most commonly used in reference to adjustability. Both noblechairs and DXRacer offer exceptional adjustability compared to standard office chairs, though exact specifications vary depending on the model.

Since noblechairs models start at $400, each one comes outfitted with premium adaptability out of the box. Every single one of the company’s chairs boasts a minimum 45° recline, as well as multiple tilt mechanisms that let you adjust tension, rocking, and locking capabilities. All of its armrests also come with 4D adaptability, meaning you can adjust them up & down, side & side, forward & backward, and in & out for posture-perfect positioning. 

Meanwhile, the DXRacer’s base model comes with barebones height, recline, and tilt mechanics. Worse yet, its armrests only move up and down. However, you do unlock additional features when you spend more money. By the time you reach the ~$450 DXRacer MASTER Series, you’ll find ergonomics that not only match but even exceed the noblechairs in adjustability.

Verdict: DXRacer’s entry-level chairs can’t match noblechair’s entry-level models. But near the high-end, DXRacer surpasses noblechairs.


I am pleasantly surprised by the durability of both noblechairs and DXRacer. You’ll find respectable BIFMA- and ANSI-certified components from both companies, as well as a sturdy build quality capable of many years of service. But there are a few differences worth mentioning.

First, let’s talk about the frame. Both companies incorporate steel framing, which is an essential ingredient for gaming chair durability. However, DXRacer takes more pride and has more confidence in its structure, as indicated by the lifetime warranty. While I haven’t encountered any durability issues while using a noblechairs, it’s pretty telling that the company caps its warranty at two years.

Next, let’s touch on the base. noblechairs incorporates 5-star aluminum bases, while DXRacer frequently uses nylon variants. While both offer enough stability, metal is more expensive and a decent quality indicator.

Lastly, there’s only one big & tall gaming chair in this noblechairs vs. DXRacer comparison: the DXRacer Tank. While you do have to pay over $600 to get your hands on one, it’s undoubtedly the most robust chair from either company, featuring a 400-pound weight capacity and accomodating users up to 6′6″, no problem.

Verdict: Both companies offer professionally-certified components that should withstand many years of use and abuse.


While value is subjective, pricing is an objective numbers game. With that as our baseline, it’s clear that DXRacer is more affordable than noblechairs. DXRacer’s chairs start around $200 and go up to $700. Meanwhile, noblechairs models begin at the $400 mark and reach up to $800.

Of course, you get what you pay for. DXRacer’s $200 entry-level Formula Series can’t compete with noblechairs’ most affordable option, the $400 EPIC. To illustrate, just pit the Formula’s lackluster ergonomics and 1D armrests against the EPIC’s multi-tilt mechanism and exceptional 4D armrests that zig and zag like a pro racer. The EPIC wins by a landslide.

Verdict: DXRacer models start at $200, while noblechairs models start at $400. That said, both companies offer similar features at the same price. 

Comparable Gaming Chairs You Should Consider

  • Secretlab TITAN Evo ($449) – Secretlab is the current gaming chair market leader, and you’ll find both noblechairs and DXRacer copying elements from the insanely ergonomic TITAN Evo.
  • GTRACING GT099 | Amazon ($114.99) – The GT099 is our pick for best budget gaming chair and an excellent starting option for those who can’t afford noblechairs vs. DXRacer chairs.
  • all33 BackStrong C1 ($799) – noblechairs and DXRacer both offer exceptional support, but the all33 BackStrong C1 is on another level, keeping your postural health in check 24/7 via Sit in Motion® technology.

noblechairs vs. DXRacer: Which Is Better?

noblechairs Special

Like with our Secretlab vs. DXRacer guide, the battle between noblechairs and DXRacer is one of newcomer versus established industry player. 

DXRacer was one of the first gaming chair manufacturers, and the company almost single-handedly developed the racing-style aesthetic that’s become prolific among PC gaming chairs. They even inspired noblechairs, who took the racing seat and iterated it further, incorporating a minimalistic twist that’s simpler and more modern.

Both companies create excellent chairs that are comfy, ergonomic, durable, and of great value. While you can get started with DXRacer for less money, both company’s $400 chairs prove plenty supportive for most gamers’ needs.

At the end of the day, it’s about which brand resonates with you. If you like refined furniture with classy color palettes — palettes that look as good in the game room as they do in the office — noblechairs is the way to go. If you’re a fan of DXRacer’s Talladega-inspired designs and potent performance, DXRacer is probably more your speed. 

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