Respawn Gaming Chair Review – Performance on PC & Console

Long ago, gamers played together in harmony. But over time, two distinct camps formed — one comprising PC players and the other console players. For decades, most companies created gear for one or the other. Then along came RESPAWN, an upstart brand that disrupted the balance with its 110 Gaming Chair geared towards players on every platform.

What sets the RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair apart is its blend of PC- and console-oriented features. While the racing-style frame and 5-star base roll around the office with the best of them, the chair’s thick, padded armrests and extendable footrest pair perfectly with more laid-back console play. But is such innovative duality necessary? Or is the RESPAWN 110 a jack-of-all-trades and master of none?

RESPAWN Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Seat and backrest incorporate several inches of thick padding
  • Contoured armrests provide exceptional comfort
  • Features an adjustable lumbar pillow and headrest cushion
  • Racing-style design embraces gaming culture with a sleek yet rugged aesthetic
  • 5-star base boasts a relatively small 28.5″ footprint yet accommodates users up to 275 pounds
  • Seat cushion loses buoyancy quickly
  • Armrests show slight wobble and only adjust backward
  • Bonded leather lacks breathability and cracks over time
At A Glance
  • Price: $199.99
  • Height: 51.5 inches
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs
  • Best for: Console gaming
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Forest Camo, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, White, Red
  • Pull the flip-out footrest forward and the 155° reclining backrest downward to go from work to leisure in seconds
  • Thick padding and PU leather cover every contact point on the chair
  • Features infinite locking positions to help you secure your desired degree of recline
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Return: 30 Days
  • Shipping: Free

Check out the 110 from Respawn on the manufacturer’s site to see more features.

What Does The RESPAWN Gaming Chair Feel Like?

The RESPAWN Gaming Chair feels fairly comfortable in every position, though mileage does vary depending on how it’s set up. And by that, I’m not referring to the assembly itself — installation is a smooth process that only takes 30 minutes or so. Instead, I’m talking about whether it’s 90° upright at a computer desk or in front of the TV, reclined to 155° with leg rest out. While both provide fairly decent support, I believe that RESPAWN is best-suited for the latter. Let me explain why.


The RESPAWN 110 places a big emphasis on comfort. That’s quite clear from the thick padding, cushiony armrests, and flip-out leg rest that more closely resemble a reclining La-Z-Boy than a racing-style chair. True to its mission, the RESPAWN 110 largely succeeds at keeping you cozy throughout the day. Once you’ve adjusted the headrest and lumbar pillows into place and found the perfect angle among RESPAWN’s infinite locking positions, the chair feels quite well-suited for a cozy little catnap.

Unfortunately, you can’t really enjoy this comfort at your computer desk. You’ll need to sit relatively upright to reach your keyboard, and the RESPAWN doesn’t offer anything special in this position. On the contrary, the seat cushion compresses underneath you as all your body weight bears down on one singular point. Meanwhile, the armrests lack adjustability, making it difficult to press essential keys or snap your mouse for trick shots in Fortnite without straining your arms.


With RESPAWN placing so much emphasis on comfort, ergonomics seem to fall to the wayside. The RESPAWN Gaming Chair comes with just 3” of height adjustability and 90° to 155° of recline — and that’s it. There’s no tilt, no height-adjustable armrests, no built-in head or lumbar settings. Everything feels one-dimensional for a PC chair, especially for one in the $200 price range.

Fortunately, the RESPAWN’s leg rest kicks things up a few notches, offering a level of flexibility that you don’t find in many office-style chairs. Moreover, the 360° swivel and smooth-rolling casters make it easy to move around the office and living room floor. Slide it into the room for PC work, then zip over the TV when it’s time for some R&R.  

Construction & Design

I’m quite fond of the RESPAWN Gaming Chair’s overall aesthetic. But then, I’m a sucker for executive backrests and that slick leather look. I also appreciate the chair’s low-profile leg rest, which flips in and slides back, like a turtle retreating to its shell. It makes the entire chair feel uniform, and it blends beautifully in every room.

When you look a bit closer, however, you’ll notice that many of the components are sub-standard plastic that’s a bit at odds with the stylish design. There’s also the issue of RESPAWN’s bonded leather, which feels nice to the touch, as long as you’re not resting against it for extended periods. As much as I tried to find ways in which the RESPAWN’s fabric supports airflow, the thick upholstery lacks more breathability than a fish out of water, and it will get hot, even on chillier days.


Durability is where the RESPAWN starts to show cracks in its otherwise classy appearance. First of all, the chair’s bonded leather exterior, while lush at first, fractures over time. This is a result of the bonded leather’s manufacturing process, and there’s no way to prevent it from happening. Sooner or later, you’ll find your chair a mess of splotchy white spots and creases throughout. This doesn’t affect performance, but it can definitely be an eyesore.

The other main issues lie in the ever-sinking seat cushion and wobbly armrests. The good news is that, unlike the bonded leather, you can postpone or prevent these breakdowns by being gentler with the chair.

Our Verdict of The RESPAWN Gaming Chair

Before diving too deep into specifics, let me say that I’m not a huge fan of the RESPAWN 110’s PC gaming performance. 

Yes, the 5-star, caster-studded base and upright frame make it workable within the confines of a PC gaming room. And it does have the overall shape and height-adjustable functionality to provide adequate support at your keyboard. But that’s quite literally it, and there are no additional features to make your time any more comfortable or adaptive, not even a tilt mechanism or adjustable armrests.

On the flip side, RESPAWN’s 110 Gaming Chair practically bursts at the seams with console-oriented features. The reclining back and padded armrests perfectly support controller-based gaming on the flat screen, while the extendable leg rest offers more comfort than a Snuggie. In its extended position, the entire chair carries loads up to 275 pounds like a pro, while the plush head and lumbar pillows offer properly supportive ergonomics that contour with your body’s curvature.

In both cases, RESPAWN’s gaming chair also looks the part, providing a lovely appearance that blends the racing-style aesthetic with the look and feel of a casual recliner. 

That said, RESPAWN did cheap out with many lower-quality components. Most significantly, the sinking cushion and flimsy armrest mechanisms are liable to leave you stranded like the Titanic. In addition, the bonded leather exterior — although more costly than PU — doesn’t do the chair any favors, only serving to deteriorate the initial high-class image as it cracks and creases over time.

Overall, the RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair is a mixed bag. It tries to be too many things for too many people, and it suffers from a lack of cohesiveness and general quality. While I do think it’s fine for the sub-$200 price point, especially if you’re a console player, I can’t help but find myself wanting more.

Other Models from RESPAWN

  • RESPAWN 100 | Amazon ($249.99) – The 100 model is RESPAWN’s classic PC gaming chair, with a stylish yet generic look and feel. 
  • RESPAWN 200 | Amazon ($289.99) – RESPAWN’s 200 series features an innovative mesh-back gaming chair that offers lots of style and breathability.
  • RESPAWN 900 | Amazon ($319.99) – As one of the few console-only gaming chairs, the RESPAWN 900 is an excellent option for PS5 and Xbox Series X players with money to burn.

Comparable Chairs from Other Brands

  • GTRACING GTF59 (175.99) – The GTF59 is a RESPAWN 110 clone, with near-identical features, aesthetics, and pricing.
  • OFM 3050 Task Chair | Amazon ($138.10) – OFM is RESPAWN’s parent company, and the 3050 Task Chair is proof of the brand’s ability to provide affordable support for PC players.
  • all33 BackStrong C1 ($799) – If you’re looking for a PC work/gaming chair with proper ergonomics, the all33 BackStrong C1 is the most supportive model on the market.

Should You Buy The RESPAWN Gaming Chair?

When it comes down to it, there aren’t many suitable seating options for console players. There are even fewer options designed for multipurpose console and PC gaming, and RESPAWN’s 110 Gaming Chair is undoubtedly the most popular among them.

Although I’ve voiced my fair share of critiques, I still believe that the RESPAWN is a solid choice for console players and casual PC gamers. Even with my misgivings, I have a great deal of respect for the RESPAWN 110’s creative, multipurpose design, which can be quite supportive once you’ve learned its quirks.

That said, I don’t recommend it for gamers seeking a primarily PC-oriented chair. There are so many great options out there, even in this price range, that offer more comfort and ergonomic adaptability. If you want to go the racing-style route on a budget, look towards the Homall or GTRACING GT099 for a more reliable pick.