How To Buy The Best Home Office Furniture To Fit Your Workspace

More and more people are transitioning to remote work. If you’re among those who are working at home either part- or full-time, it’s critical to create a home office space that is comfortable and functional. 

You want to create a work environment that promotes greater productivity and a space that supports greater work-life balance. When you’re working at home, it’s crucial to create and maintain boundaries between your work and personal life. 

A well-designed office can increase happiness, improve efficiency, promote greater creativity, and encourage personal growth. One of the first steps to take is to purchase home office furniture. This guide covers everything you need to know about finding the best home office furniture for your needs. 

What Type of Office Furniture Do You Need?

There are plenty of furniture pieces to consider when building a comfortable home office, but at the very least, you need two critical things — an office desk and an ergonomic office chair. Since you will spend most of your time sitting in a chair at your desk, you’ll want to put some thought into the most important features to you. 

Finding the Right Home Office Desk

When you’re creating your list of the best home office furniture, the first piece will be your home office desk. Your desk is where you’ll spend the majority of your time, so the type of desk you have matters.

When searching for the perfect home office desk, consider the following.

  • The size of your workspace
  • The surface area you need to work efficiently 
  • Your storage needs 

The Size of Your Workspace

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a four-bedroom house, there are desks for every style and need. For those working in a small space, plenty of desk designs will help you maximize your space. The goal is to feel comfortable and relaxed within your workspace. 

If you have a small workspace, the furniture you buy can make all the difference concerning your office’s layout and overall feel.

Here are some great desk ideas for small spaces:

  • Corner desk — Work with the space you have, incorporating a corner desk. You can find a small desk that fits in the corner of your office, allowing for space-saving benefits. 
  • Secretary desk — A secretary desk is unique because it allows you to maximize storage and space. It’s tall, compact, and designed to include a fold-down tabletop and drawers. 
  • Floating desk — When you’re space-limited, few options are as ideal as a floating desk. This type of desk is mounted on the wall, and wall fixings are hidden, so it appears to be floating. This design allows you to maximize floor space. Many also drop-down or flip-up any time you wish, creating even more space in your office. 
  • Standing deskStanding desks are all the craze concerning optimal health. If you’re concerned that you’re sitting for too many hours a day, a standing desk is a great solution. You can either stand or sit on a high stool — many are also height adjustable
  • L-shaped desk — As its name suggests, this type of desk has the shape of the letter L, allowing it to flow with the shape of the room. In most cases, this desk is larger than a standard desk, which is why it’s ideal in more spacious areas. However, there are also small L-shaped desks that fit perfectly into a room’s corner. 
  • Writing desk — There are many styles of writing desks, some of which have a sloping top and pigeon holes for writing. However, in most cases, a writing desk is a piece of furniture that has a surface for writing and drawers to store supplies. 
  • Computer desk — A computer desk is often an ergonomic piece of furniture that will house your computer while concealing cables and related equipment. However, this term is used loosely and may refer to any of the aforementioned desk types that allow users to work on their computers.

If you have a larger space, you can opt for a desk that offers more storage, such as an executive desk or credenza desk. Both of these options are functional and stylish. 

Surface Area

When you’re shopping for a new home office desk, another critical consideration is the amount of surface area. Think of all the things you use throughout the workday, especially the items you use simultaneously. For example, a monitor, your laptop, keyboard, notebooks, and whatever else you need. 

Cluttered desks can quickly disrupt your productivity, which is why you’ll want to look for desks that will comfortably fit everything you need to work efficiently. You don’t need too much excess space but enough to keep everything neat and organized. 

Storage Needs

Again, storage will help you stay organized while reducing clutter. A clean, organized office will allow you to focus. 

If you do not have room for additional storage in your office, such as bookcases, filing cabinets, etc., you’ll need to store the necessities either on your desk or below. If storage space is important to you, look for a desk that includes a bookshelf, drawers, cabinetry, or whatever is most important to you. 

Our Top Picks for Home Office Desks

Are you looking for the best computer desks or the best standing desks? Check these options out. 

  • Fully Jarvis – Sleek and affordable, the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is height adjustable, has an excellent warranty, and is easy to transport. The dual-motor system also supports an industry-leading lifting capacity of 350 lbs. 
  • Branch Office Desk – Simple yet elegant, the Branch Office Desk offers a stain-resistant wood grain top, stylish detailing, a steel frame, and a 10-year warranty. This desk comes in a range of wood grain options and is available in two sizes. 
  • Walker Edison Soreno – This L-shaped corner desk offers a minimalistic design with plenty of surface area. The top is made from safety tempered glass, and the desk includes a keyboard tray that tucks away when not in use. Choose from five different colors. 

Choosing Your Home Office Chair

Now that you have a good idea of what you want for your home office desk, it’s time to consider the best desk chair. Your desk is critical for productivity, whereas your chair is crucial for optimal comfort. A quality task chair is something you should invest in. You’ll spend most of your workday sitting, so this piece of furniture is prone to wear and tear. 

A high-quality chair will remain comfortable and in good condition for years, even decades. However, there are some things to keep in mind, especially when balancing quality and cost-effectiveness. 

When shopping for a desk chair, keep the following in mind:

  • Comfort and adjustability 
  • Durability 
  • Budget 

Comfort and Adjustability 

If you’re putting in long hours throughout the workweek, you’ll want an ergonomic chair, or at the very least, a chair that is designed for comfort. Ergonomic chairs will typically feature lumbar support and height adjustment options concerning the headrest, armrests, and seat depth. Some chairs will also feature removable lumbar pillows, footrests, and headrests. When your chair is adjustable, you can customize the above to ensure the most comfortable experience for your body type. 

For additional comfort, look for swivel and recline features. These features allow you to maneuver in various positions so you can easily access parts of your office throughout the day. 


The durability of a chair will depend on the quality of materials used and the quality of the build. Steel frames are the most durable option and will likely stand the test of time. So, this is something to consider if longevity is important to you. 

You’ll also want to consider the durability of certain parts, like the casters. If you move around in your chair a lot, read plenty of reviews to ensure casters don’t frequently break or jam. Then, consider the upholstery. Materials like leather and high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl won’t flake or fade over time. However, lower-quality material will eventually rub off. 

If you plan to use your chair consistently throughout the work, it’s best to invest in a quality chair from the start. Although you will pay a bit more upfront, it will maintain its look, shape, and functionality for years to come. 


Your budget will determine the features you end up getting, as lower-budget chairs will offer fewer bells and whistles. 

A good investment chair is not a small investment, so be prepared to spend anywhere between $350 and $800 for a high-quality chair. It is possible to find chairs for under $100, but these chairs won’t be as comfortable or last as long. 

The cost of a chair will also often determine what type of warranty you receive. It’s important to read the fine print when purchasing a chair, as some will come with extensive warranties while others won’t offer any protection. When you know that certain parts are replaceable, this can bring you peace of mind when spending a bit more than anticipated so that you can get the chair you want. 

High-quality chairs typically offer better warranties without many exclusions. If your chair is an investment, the warranty section is something you’ll want to consider; it may also help justify a slightly higher price tag. 

Our Top Picks for Office Chairs

When choosing the best office chairs, there are plenty of great options out there, including the following. 

  • All33 Backstrong C1 – If you need a chair to support your back, ensuring optimal comfort and performance, the All33 Backstrong C1 is what you seek. Just some of the features include sit-in-motion technology, adjustable arms and seat height, padded seating, and the use of high-quality vegan leather. Read an in-depth review here
  • Steelcase Leap – The Leap is the ultimate chair for adjustability, offering optimal comfort and personalized support. Add features and customize to build your perfect Leap chair.
  • Herman Miller Embody – There’s a reason why Embody was named one of the best office chairs to buy for 2022. This chair aims to increase the harmony between people and technology, acting as a benchmark for natural alignment, pressure distribution, and healthy movement. This chair was designed by twenty physicians and experts in the fields of physical therapy, vision, and biomechanics, prioritizing the end user’s health.

What Other Pieces of Home Office Furniture Do You Need?

Your desk and chair are the first items to check off your best home office furniture list, but they’re not the only items that make a home office complete. Consider the following for added storage, greater functionality, and higher comfort levels. 

  • Filing and storage cabinets – If you have a lot of paperwork, you’ll need somewhere to put it. The last thing you want is a cluttered space. Plus, when your paperwork has its own home, it’s easy to find what you need when you need it. 
  • ​Bookshelves – If you often reference books or need extra shelving, a bookshelf is a great addition. You can find bookshelves that come in various sizes and styles. Find a shelving unit that fits your space, adding to the overall look — don’t overcrowd your office with a bookshelf that’s larger than what you need. 
  • Couches and sofas – Sure, you’re supposed to be working in your office, but who says you can’t relax once in a while? Taking short breaks can help ease stress and boost productivity. Your couch can be your micro-break place to connect with friends and family, enjoy your lunch, read, or take a breather. 
  • Desk and floor lamps – Good lighting is critical throughout the workday, especially to reduce your risk of eye strain if you’re staring at a computer all day. If you don’t have enough natural light, invest in a desk or floor lamp that offers ambient lighting. 
  • Area rug – An area rug can instantly add a pop of personality to your office. It can also be a comfort item if you have hardwood or vinyl flooring. After all, you’re at home — you can go to work in bare feet. 

Our Favorite Places to Buy Home Office Furniture and Accessories

When looking where to buy your office furniture, there are plenty of options, including the following stores. 

  • Staples – Staples is the go-to spot for all things office-related. Depending on what you’re looking for in an office chair or desk, you may be able to find one here. If not, you can find everything else you need to get you through your workweek. If you want a greater selection, see what you can order online, as in-store inventory may be limited. 
  • Wayfair – Wayfair offers a great selection and a wide variety of pricing options. When it comes to office furniture, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. You will also enjoy free delivery on most purchases. 
  • IKEA – If you’re in the market for budget-friendly, trendy furniture, IKEA is the place to be. IKEA’s inventory is constantly rotating, offering an impressive selection of chairs, desks, shelving units, lamps, rugs, you name it. 
  • Home Depot – Home Depot may be known for all things related to home improvement, but they also offer a selection of ergonomic chairs, desks, and more. 
  • West Elm – If you seek high-quality, stylish furniture, few places are as ideal as West Elm. This store focuses on modern furniture and home decor, and while style is the name of the game here, most of the pieces are also highly functional.